Visual Media About Trade Agreements

one. What is the problem that is addressed in the selected visual support element? “They drive a Japanese car, drink French wine, eat Chinese food, own an American computer, buy Canadian wood and go on vacation to Mexico. How can we be against free trade?! Choose two different visual media that will express your opinion on trade agreements, trade barriers or free trade. The resource list contains some examples of visual media and instructions for Internet search. Make sure you include the media element or access instructions with your evaluation. Write down the most important events and ideas that are recognizable in the item, creator and date of origin and read all included entries or quotes. “I knew the free trade agreement would have a problem.” “Okay, what if we start talking about our trade agreements?” A new free trade agreement with the United States requires Singapore to change its ban on chewing gum. Analyze the message conveyed by the various elements of visual media. For each item, answer the following questions in full sentences.

Give proof of the resource and lesson to justify your answers. C. Does this position reflect the commitment to free trade or protectionism? Explain your answer and insert evidence of the item to support your response. B. What is the creator`s place on this subject? What details in the resource support the author`s claim? Provide evidence of the item to support your response. “It`s not that I`m against globalization. I just want to go further. D. Do you or do you not agree with the point of view you have chosen or the point you have chosen? Why not? “Frankly, it sucks.

On the other hand, there is nothing that would offend China. “A Japanese company will provide them for 6.75,000. “There is a new breakthrough in abandoning NAFTA, the scourge of the American middle class! ».

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