Stockholm Agreement 2018 Yemen

The Security Council approved the Stockholm Agreement in accordance with Resolution 2451 (2018). Even in Hodeida itself there is reason for worry. Should the fragile ceasefire around Hodeida continue to erode, it could excise a low-intensity struggle for the city. [fn] Crisis Group interview, Abu Dhabi, June 2019. All of the forces around Hodeida have expressed a desire to push into the city and frustration with UN efforts to prevent this outcome. See Crisis Group Middle East and North Africa Report No.193, How to Halt Yemen`s Slide into Famine, 21 November 2018.Hide Footnote Since the UAE`s plans to draw down its own presence on the Red Sea coast, reports have emerged that Saudi Arabia plans to fill the vacuum while the Yemeni forces on the ground have moved to form their own command structures. [fn]”Saudi Arabia moves to secure Yemen Red Sea ports after UAE drawdown,” Reuters, 11 July; verified statement on file with Crisis Group, 9 July 2019.Hide Footnote These forces could still attempt to sixteen Hodeida, perhaps encouraged by Saudi Arabia in the wake of a major Huthi attack on Saudi or UAE territory. Should such an attack be launched, the United Arab Emirates could at least be backed by the air force again. [fn] In Libya, the United Arab Emirates appears to have been forced to support its ally Khalifa Haftar after he launched an attack on Tripoli in April 2019, apparently against the advice of the Emirates. Hide Footnote The Hudaydah agreement prevented a potentially catastrophic offensive on the city and ports. The ceasefire, which came into force on December 18, 2018, has contributed to a safer environment for civilians. An estimated 150,000 people who had left the city returned after the agreement came into force, with the ceasefire still largely in effect. 2- An executive mechanism to activate the prisoner exchange agreement.

First, negotiators should seek a compromise that allows the parties to go beyond the Stockholm agreement and, beyond Hodeida, to focus on a broader political solution. This would involve setting minimum requirements for the implementation of the agreement. Given disagreements between the sides, this likely would mean a more limited term understanding of what needs to happen in Hodeida, leaving negotiations over implementing the rest of the agreement to proceed as a subeset of, or parallel to, broader talk peaces. Khashoggi`s assassination was a turning point, leading to strong denunciations of Riyadh, even from members of the US Congress who had supported the kingdom in the past. [fn]”Senators, furious over Khashoggi killing, spurn president on war in Yemen,” The New York Times, 28 November 2018.Hide Footnote U.S.

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