Sas Master License Agreement

In addition to these terms and conditions, the following conditions apply specifically to the use of the partner area SAS (“PartnerArea” or “PartnerNet”). The information contained in the partner domain is the confidential and exclusive information of SAS and its related companies (“Information”). This information is provided in the partner field to help you carry out your activities as a participant in one of the SAS partner programs and for no other purpose. You agree to process the information in accordance with the partnership agreement between you and SAS. Unless otherwise stated in writing, you can print coins or any information in the partner area. You may only duplicate this printed information for internal use and subject to the restrictions set out in these Terms and Conditions. You must not remove property rights, copyrights, trade secrets or other legends of any form of information. The information and know-how and trade secrets it contains remain the exclusive property of SAS. SAS does not license you under copyright, patents, trademark rights or trade secrets. You agree to comply with all applicable data protection laws when using the information. You acknowledge and consent that SAS will suffer irreparable damage due to the nature of the information if you violate an obligation under this framework. SaS therefore has the right to request an adequate discharge in order to enforce all rights derived from it or to prevent or cure any violation of an obligation, without demonstrating in any way legal protection. Such a fair exemption may include, among other things, the application for an interim or permanent injunction, injunction or order relating to a specified benefit and may, depending on the circumstances, be sought from an appropriate court, with or without notice.

They also accept that such an injunction does not infringe all other rights conferred on SAS because of the violation of these Terms and Conditions. U.S. export laws and regulations apply to this website and TO SAS. You agree to comply with all applicable restrictions and not to access, download, use or export, export, import or distribute in any way on the content of the website (including software) or underlying information or technologies, except in full compliance with all laws and regulations of the United States and those of another country that may apply to the content of the Site. By accessing and downloading site content (including software) you accept the above and ensure that you are not a party to which the United States prohibits access to site content (including software) (for example. B, a registered or blocked person or a person involved in biological, chemical, nuclear or other weapons of mass destruction proliferation). , 2. You are not located in a controlled country or in a country where the site`s content (including software) is exported (for example.B.

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