Sample Employment Agreement Philippines

The company holds sole ownership of all intellectual property rights, including software, hardware specifications and other property rights created, developed and discovered by the employee when he was hired by the company, including all registrations of the latter. Regular employment contracts should embody respect for this seniority security while maximizing the potential exercise of management prerogatives. The worker`s right to serve the employer with the utmost loyalty and confidence should be presented accordingly in the agreement. Can we know if you also have a form template for regular employees. Thank you. Ignacio, I`m going to get a typical form for a regular job and send you as soon as possible. The labour law is in the Philippines. The Ministry of Labour and Employment also adopts departmental ordinances to implement labour code laws and sets daily minimum wage rates. After regularization, the worker is entitled to seven (7) days off and seven (7) days of sick leave for each year of actual employment, employees are expected to take time off before they can apply.

As vacation credits cannot be converted into cash, the employee is urged to use all vacation credits earned in the calendar. We are pleased to inform you that your services are __Designation__ effective – with a daily/monthly rate of _________P___________ The conditions of your employment in this company are: 1. You must be suspended for a period of six (6) months from your first day of work with the company. During your testing work, you work with us on the test to determine your fitness for regularization. Your transformation into permanent status is mainly conditional and depends on your satisfactory service and the performance of the work entrusted to you and it is at the discretion of the company, determine whether this service is being provided satisfactorily and that you have been able to meet our established standards of regularization, the following criteria: reliability, reliability, efficiency, initiative, attitude towards work/public/company, cooperation, customer response, judgment, punctuality, quality/quantity of work, education, articulation and professionalism; Of course, you can use the standard form of the employment contract. 5.You agree that all company records and documents, as well as any information relating to its activities and/or business and those of its customers, are absolutely confidential and that the unauthorized disclosure or reproduction of these by you will not be made at any time during or after your employment. You accept that any breach of confidentiality will be reason enough to terminate your employment immediately for civil and criminal reasons and/or responsibilities; This employment contract is a contract between an employer and a worker in the Philippines. It can be used for different types of jobs, such as test work, regular employment, project work, seasonal work, temporary work or casual employment.

2. The company also reserves the right to terminate your trial period before the end of your trial period for one of the fair and authorized reasons provided by the current legislation or for your non-compliance with the above standards, conditions and requirements.

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